Week 5: level complete

This was a crazy Sunday with lots of fun, sun & swimming and we are full of energy to keep winning challenges that book-field gives us!!!Have a few funny stories to tell as well:  Our OL -Chris is slowly turning into Mexican) So, amigos, next time you see him ask him to tell you a joke in Spanish)  Jessica was without her bike so she walked a “marathon” ~10 km on foot to turf. And there were some obstacles on her way 🤣 (hot +29 and raining from time to time) 

Siim had a blast meeting an alumni who sold for 4 years, he’s wife and brother sold for 1 year.   Our “Wonder Woman” Laura finally bought a car! 

 Additionally, had a family where mom was drunk. 🥂It was the most loud and funny sit-down of the week.

While approaching dad, Deimon stepped on family lighting in their front yard. 

Sonya was stopped by a policeman to check a permit- charmed him and took a picture with him. 🤳🏻

Week 6, WE.ARE.RRRREADY!!!! 

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