Week 10 is over and it was amazing! 😍😍

Deimon got bitten by a dog, Siim is funny himself and gets licked by dogs the whole day, Chris had a fun sit-down with a family where the kid yelled the whole time and a family with 10 dogs, Sonja started in a new town and it is AMAZING, Laura had a family whose kids were selling cookies and lemonade on the street but she got a cookie for free! 

 Just 2 weeks to go! 

But before that lets hit some strikes  


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Week 9 is done!

Today we had a clean up so after our Sunday meeting we cleaned Crystal Lake Beach Park!

Also Sonja and Laura tried a peanut butter-jelly sandwich for the first time with the host family! Now Sonja wants to eat them every day!!!!

Week 10 is going to be AWESOME!

Week 5: level complete

This was a crazy Sunday with lots of fun, sun & swimming and we are full of energy to keep winning challenges that book-field gives us!!!Have a few funny stories to tell as well:  Our OL -Chris is slowly turning into Mexican) So, amigos, next time you see him ask him to tell you a joke in Spanish)  Jessica was without her bike so she walked a “marathon” ~10 km on foot to turf. And there were some obstacles on her way 🤣 (hot +29 and raining from time to time) 

Siim had a blast meeting an alumni who sold for 4 years, he’s wife and brother sold for 1 year.   Our “Wonder Woman” Laura finally bought a car! 

 Additionally, had a family where mom was drunk. 🥂It was the most loud and funny sit-down of the week.

While approaching dad, Deimon stepped on family lighting in their front yard. 

Sonya was stopped by a policeman to check a permit- charmed him and took a picture with him. 🤳🏻

Week 6, WE.ARE.RRRREADY!!!! 

Winnersotans – Chris Voolaid org

Week 3 ✅We are getting better every day and we have so much fun!It’s super cool to meet so many interesting families! Some saw a lot of Spanglish (spanish + english) families and had to communicate through google translate, others were asked to drink together (not water), some saw how the local police forces rescued a woman from a car and others enjoyed the local animals like 


, 🦌 or 


Week 4, you gonna be AMAZING! 

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First week done ✅

Starting slowly but getting better every day! We can finally put into practice all the things we learned during the last months and in sales school! It’s amazing to see all the cool families here in Minnesota! Fun fact: americans don’t just have one dog but they sometimes have up to 5 dogs!

After 1,5 weeks of eating wraps and pizza we finally enjoyed our Sunday meeting in a all you can eat restaurant. We learned some new cool things, relaxed and enjoyed the day!

Next weeks is going to be awesome!!!