YES, WE CAN! week 2+3

Imagine, it is already the end of the third week on bookfield… Crazy, isn’t it! During the past 2 weeks, we have had so much fun while becoming better and better every day, being professional bookpeople aka smiling idiots from Europe.

Our champions🤩💪👏

The first 3 weeks of summer are meant for building the right habits. So in order to reach towards building the good habit of doing 30 demos and 10 sit downs on average every day, we had a competition of Success Coin and Pony Socks going on during the first 2 weeks of the summer.

Success Coin gangAphelandrea, Kaur and Ott
Pony socks winner Domi aka Honey

For the 3rd week, we had the competition of Dedication Award. In order to win that award, bookperson has to have the strongest week in strong customers or sit downs with families.

Trio of Dedication Award winners – Kenet, Aphelandrea and Ott

We also started getting those super cool shirts that show how many units we have sold in a week🤩 At the end of the summer, each one of us can probably make a rainbow from the collected shirts🌈💪

Our super fotogenic org at week 2 Sunday meeting
Too cool to be true, week 3 Sunday meeting

Seeya soon🥰

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