YES, WE CAN! week 7

Hello, tere, witam dear fans!

Another week done, tons of cool families met, lots of skills developed and huge smiles on our faces😁

Weekly recognition😍

Believe it or not, but this week’s absolute star in our org, doing the most calls, demos, sit-downs and collecting the most community awareness post shares in Facebook was Dominika! Good job, Kaur! (don’t worry, if you don’t get it, because this is our org’s inside joke😆)

Kenet and Aphelandrea received lightstaber pens for their efforts to sit down with families. Welcome to Star Wars🤩😎

Also, President’s Club welcomed a new member, man with a crazy willpower, Kenet! Keep on believing in yourself and you will achieve everything you want!👏

Squirrels and monkeys from Europe look a lil different compared to the local ones

See you in a week! Byyeeeeee🤗

YES, WE CAN! week 6

Helloooo friends, long time no see…

Week 6 is done. WEEK 6 IS DONE?!? You read it correctly. Half of the summer is over, but half of this crazy adventure is still waiting ahead🤩

Today we celebrated Ola’s aka Aleksandra’s birthday, WOHOOOO🥳🥳🥳 To make it special, we decided to play the game called “The bigger, the better”. So, on Saturday each team member started to exchange something (for example simple pen) for something bigger and better with awesome people we met on the bookfield. Today, we gifted everything we got to Ola and the most awesome gift was from Kristofer, who was able to end the game with kid’s synthesizer🎹🤯

This week we also decided to challenge ourselves. Thus, each HQ set their goal for avergae sit-downs for week. If HQ achieved the average number of sit-downs per week, they could get/do something they like and if they didn’t hit the sit-downs, then they had to do / give up something.

As we can see from the picture below, Kenet and Ott wore really cool shirts today, so you can guess yourself, whether it was the prize or “punishment” for their efforts to hit the sit-down average they set for themselves🥲

Of course, we had super delicious extra sweet cake as well🍰🎂

Deadass gorgeous BD girl Ola
All of our grannys, birthday girls and other cool animals in one picture


YES, WE CAN! week 5

Guess who’s back, back again…

Already 5th week done, could you imagine. Crazy how fast time flies.

Monday of this week was also the 4th of July, the independence day of America. Suprisingly, as we Europeans might think that all the people are outside and celebrating, then it was rather like an usual Saturday, most of the families were hiding inside and enjoying their AC. Of course, some families were grilling and gathering together as well. The day ended with fireworks, so for us Estonians and Polish people it felt like having a new year in the middle of the summer (at least it was pretty unusual to watch the fireworks not wearing a warm winter coat)😆

As every Sunday, we gathered in Findlay, had our meeting and also some fun time playing volleyball😎

Good job, Kaur!👏

YES, WE CAN! week 4

Hello, hello, hello. YES, WE CAN! back in the blog and better than ever!

Corner of funny happenings😆

Although most of the people guess that we, bookpeople, might be from Sweden/Germany, then it has happened multiple times that people just randomly ask in approach/sit-down “Are you from Estonia?”. While we are completely perplexed how they knew that, they answer “The accent”

We learned that when asking pre-approach, instead of asking which cars to look out for or when is the best time to catch the mom, for some families you should ask “When the party usually ends?”

Kerli got to make approach in the middle of the road as she just nocked on the door but didn’t get any answer. When crossing the road the dad of the house stopped next to her as he had seen Kerli from security camera video. Kerli made full approach and the dad blocked the traffic, 2 cars were waiting after them.

Nocking on a glass door and noticing that there is a huge mess on the other side of the door on the floor. Getting no answer. Nocking the door the second time and hearing “Hello” from inside but not seeing anyone. Being confused looking upwards and understanding that I just approached a huge parrot.

Pie in the eye competition😍

During the week 4 we had a competition of pie in the eye going on between HQs. In order not to get pied in the face, you had to do more sit-downs than the HQ you were competing with. In our org, only decimal points separated the winners from the ones who got to feel those super sweet and delicious berry pies with great layer of whipping cream on their faces…

Sweetest loss
Sunday, fun day @ Riverside City Pool

YES, WE CAN! week 2+3

Imagine, it is already the end of the third week on bookfield… Crazy, isn’t it! During the past 2 weeks, we have had so much fun while becoming better and better every day, being professional bookpeople aka smiling idiots from Europe.

Our champions🤩💪👏

The first 3 weeks of summer are meant for building the right habits. So in order to reach towards building the good habit of doing 30 demos and 10 sit downs on average every day, we had a competition of Success Coin and Pony Socks going on during the first 2 weeks of the summer.

Success Coin gangAphelandrea, Kaur and Ott
Pony socks winner Domi aka Honey

For the 3rd week, we had the competition of Dedication Award. In order to win that award, bookperson has to have the strongest week in strong customers or sit downs with families.

Trio of Dedication Award winners – Kenet, Aphelandrea and Ott

We also started getting those super cool shirts that show how many units we have sold in a week🤩 At the end of the summer, each one of us can probably make a rainbow from the collected shirts🌈💪

Our super fotogenic org at week 2 Sunday meeting
Too cool to be true, week 3 Sunday meeting

Seeya soon🥰

YES, WE CAN! 1st week in Ohio

Hello world, welcome back to read about YES, WE CAN!’s awesome week🤩 It has already been such a journey for us, so now is the right time to share the most memorable bits and pieces with you as well…

Arrived in Ohio state
Already got pulled over

Most amazing story about how the girl gang found host fam😍

Basically, on our way to Toledo city, we didn’t have a host fam to stay with, so we had to spend the first night in Motel 6 and believe us, the motivation for us to find a host fam after staying the in this crazy motel was on the next level…🥶

In the morning we were more than ready to find a new home for us. The area where we stayed the night had many churches, but we ended up in Maumee church. It took 3 min for everyone in the church to know that some European girls are there and 7 min to find the host fam. And the story gets even better… Turned out that the lady, Carol, who was willing to host us, was the host mom for our managers in 2019, so she already knew exactly how to be a professional SW host mom. What a luck😇

Together with the most amazing host mom Carol

About our first Sunday meeting

We all got together in Findlay, went over Sunday meeting outline, shared our funny stories, had PCs and did some other neccessary stuff. Overall, it was so great to see fellow team members again❤️

We also did our weekly recognition and the winner of each wristband for the greatest number of calls, demos and coolest story was Ott! Good job with that, even though he had 1 great monkey as well…

Ott (leading by example) collecting the wristbands

And about Ott’s monkey🐒

So on June 8, on my 3rd day on the field, I worked on the border of the city of Tiffin and somebody got suspicious of me (there has been an energy savings scammer/salesman been around recently) and the County Sheriff was called on me (basically I had permit to work only within the city limits). Everything was fine with the permit and all, but then they checked my car (as a routine), and my car had an expired licence plate (I honestly didn’t know that it was possible – also I had been at the BMV to retitle the car and there nobody said anything). And on top of that they didn’t accept my Estonian drivers licence (which in Ohio state law is actually legal to use up to one year), so I was written a ticket and assigned a court hearing on June 13 at 9am. And of course, my car was towed away, so rest of the day I had to work on foot. It wasn’t too big of a deal for me since the only thing on my mind was “30 demos, I have to get my 30 demos”. A fun monkey, and it will be a fun way to start the second week, in the Tiffin Municipal Court. 🙂 EXITEEEED!

After lunch and execs at Sunday meeting
Food prep for the fam
When they cancel your appointment
Working in the rain🤩

Seeya fellas…😎

YES, WE CAN! org – ready to break belief barriers

Hello, hello, hello all the fans around the world!

After a long preparation in Estonia🇪🇪 and Poland🇵🇱, our wonderful org has come together on the other side of the world to have the best summer any ambitious young person could ever wish for!🤩

So, stay tuned for our further adventures in Ohio state and see, how our org is going to answer YES, WE CAN! to every cool challenge…

Sales School at Sonesta hotel, Nashville
(P.S. one more amazing member will join us soon😉)