Phoenix organization in Iowa

Hello everybody!

Week 4 is done and Phoenix is still going strong. This week weather has been testing us. It has been over 35+ degrees Celcius this week. We have been sweating a lot! It is nice when families invite you into their house because they have A/C so you don’t really want to leave but you have to go to the next house :D. Can not believe June is almost over. The time has gone past so fast. We have been learning and working hard. Every day can be a good day if we have a good attitude. Our First Year student Hanna had her birthday on Friday. She turned 20! It is cake time! Woohoo! Let’s hope someone has a birthday every week so we can keep eating cake every Sunday haha. Even though it is not very healthy. πŸ˜€ One thing we have definitely learned is how much you can fit in one day if you have a sense of urgency. Wake up early, start your day off right, you can be so productive and get so much done. We are learning how to see positive things in everything. Self love is really important. We have gained so much confidence. We are doing a great thing and we love what we do. We want to be successful. Also we have been working on our tan. πŸ˜€ We are always wearing a white t-shirt, shorts and socks now. Today we met in a Mexican restaurant and we ate so much food. Also some of us won the 100/200 unit shirts.

You make us proud!!! Let’s keep swimming!

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