Toros de Fuego week 6

Today was one of the most memorable days!

We had a chance to ride a jet ski which was super fun😃 A lot of positive emotions!

The week was as always very fun, every day we learn more and become better!
Everybody is motivated and ready for the next week!

We got some really cool pics this week 🙂

Toros de Fuego week 5

The week was very fun and was full of different events😄

Everybody is getting better and better every week. And this is just the beginning 🤩

Today we managed to have a ride on motor boat🚤 and swim in the lake 🏊 (was really nice)

As usual, everyone has a bunch of photos, which of course we will post 😎

Дальше – круче!

Toros de Fuego week 4

It was an amazing week! Everybody has a lot of cool stories from the bookfield😂
This Sunday we had a meeting on the lake where we had a lot of fun and got a new tan 😅

Pie in the eye competition is one of the funniest ones during the summer so this Sunday meeting was super cool😎😁😂

Got a lot of great pictures from this week!!!

Toros de Fuego week 3

Hello from Texas🤠🤠🤠

The third week is over! Everybody got tanned and lost some weight 😅

The weather in Texas is very nice, warm and sunny☀️
Today we went to the park and tried to catch geese and hares 😂🦆🐰

This week everyone is full of cool photos and funny stories 😄

Tomorrow is the start of a new week, which means it’s time to relax and get ready 😊

Toros de Fuego week 2

Time flies! Here comes the end of the second week! 🤪🤪

Everybody became two tones darker and is in a great mood🤩

Today we went to “all you can eat” restaurant (a place where you can eat as much as you like)😋

A lot of guys won cool awards this week🏆 Kolya and Dasha won a success coin🏅- showed books 30 times on the door every day. Polina and Maxim got pony socks 🧦- sat down with 10 families every day😁

In the evening we all rest and prepare for the third week! Let’s do it😎😎😎

Toros de Fuego week 1

First working week in Texas done ! 🤩🤩 We had an opportunity to catch both heavy rain and 40 degrees of heat ☀️
Everyone is in a great mood and has so many cool stories from bookfield already😄

At the end of Sunday we even managed to organize a mini pool party 😂🏊🏻‍♀️

Toros de Fuego org just getting started 🔥🔥

Hello everyone👋

Sales school done and we are ready for week one on bookfield📚🤘

Why is our team called Toros de Fuego? 🤔 From Spanish 🇪🇸 – fire bulls (fire – cause it’s hot in Texas; bulls – cause we always reach our goals 😎)

There are 8 people in our group – Polina, Katya, Max, Masha, Kolya, Nastya, Dasha and Katrin 😊

We are ready to have our best summer in Texas🌵🌵🌵 Lets gooooooooo!