HitProof – 2nd week ✅

The second working week for us has come to an end. Every Sunday you live like a holiday. You meet your team, you tell cool stories about the past week, eat delicious food. But the most important thing is summing up. We studied how last week went and set ourselves new goals. We see that we are growing in our results, but we can do even better. Infinity is not the limit.

The new week will be very hot, but of course we are not afraid. We are HitProof! We are not afraid of heat or blows in the face.

But today we still allowed ourselves to swim in the pool and thereby celebrate the existing successes.

HitProof – it begins

The sales school ended a week ago. It was a wonderful 4 days. We trained, learned a lot of new things and got very close to each other. We also met a lot of successful people, got acquainted with them and heard a lot of interesting and instructive stories.

During the practice, one girl thought our Danila was a manager. Apparently, we are really well prepared.

And of course, we have set the standards of our organization:

  • Be honest and vulnerable to each other
  • Controll the controllables
  • Stay positive
  • No gossiping
  • Praise in public, and disagree in private

What’s next? We went to Texas, where our working week began. Of course, it was very difficult, but it’s normal. We don’t stop and move on. This is just the beginning. Each of us finally felt what selling books in America is. This is a very interesting experience, because we are not used to such a climate and there is so much here that is not at home. For example, we saw so many wild squirrels, hares and lizards for the first time. At first it was even a little scary)

But the first week is over and summing up our OL Nikita handed out Success Coins.

Still ahead and we can handle it!

HitProof – here we go again

Hello everyone! Summer is coming, which means it’s time for us to hit the road. This year we got together as an incredibly cool team called HitProof. What does HitProof mean? Hit – we are not afraid of heat and blows to the face, and Proof means that we will prove to the whole world how cool we are and all our goals will be achieved, and we will achieve them in sunny Texas. We are motivated and we are ready. This will be the best summer of our lives. You can be sure! So wish us good luck and stay in positive attitude!