YES, WE CAN! week 7

Hello, tere, witam dear fans!

Another week done, tons of cool families met, lots of skills developed and huge smiles on our faces😁

Weekly recognition😍

Believe it or not, but this week’s absolute star in our org, doing the most calls, demos, sit-downs and collecting the most community awareness post shares in Facebook was Dominika! Good job, Kaur! (don’t worry, if you don’t get it, because this is our org’s inside joke😆)

Kenet and Aphelandrea received lightstaber pens for their efforts to sit down with families. Welcome to Star Wars🤩😎

Also, President’s Club welcomed a new member, man with a crazy willpower, Kenet! Keep on believing in yourself and you will achieve everything you want!👏

Squirrels and monkeys from Europe look a lil different compared to the local ones

See you in a week! Byyeeeeee🤗

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