YES, WE CAN! week 6

Helloooo friends, long time no see…

Week 6 is done. WEEK 6 IS DONE?!? You read it correctly. Half of the summer is over, but half of this crazy adventure is still waiting ahead🤩

Today we celebrated Ola’s aka Aleksandra’s birthday, WOHOOOO🥳🥳🥳 To make it special, we decided to play the game called “The bigger, the better”. So, on Saturday each team member started to exchange something (for example simple pen) for something bigger and better with awesome people we met on the bookfield. Today, we gifted everything we got to Ola and the most awesome gift was from Kristofer, who was able to end the game with kid’s synthesizer🎹🤯

This week we also decided to challenge ourselves. Thus, each HQ set their goal for avergae sit-downs for week. If HQ achieved the average number of sit-downs per week, they could get/do something they like and if they didn’t hit the sit-downs, then they had to do / give up something.

As we can see from the picture below, Kenet and Ott wore really cool shirts today, so you can guess yourself, whether it was the prize or “punishment” for their efforts to hit the sit-down average they set for themselves🥲

Of course, we had super delicious extra sweet cake as well🍰🎂

Deadass gorgeous BD girl Ola
All of our grannys, birthday girls and other cool animals in one picture


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