YES, WE CAN! week 4

Hello, hello, hello. YES, WE CAN! back in the blog and better than ever!

Corner of funny happenings😆

Although most of the people guess that we, bookpeople, might be from Sweden/Germany, then it has happened multiple times that people just randomly ask in approach/sit-down “Are you from Estonia?”. While we are completely perplexed how they knew that, they answer “The accent”

We learned that when asking pre-approach, instead of asking which cars to look out for or when is the best time to catch the mom, for some families you should ask “When the party usually ends?”

Kerli got to make approach in the middle of the road as she just nocked on the door but didn’t get any answer. When crossing the road the dad of the house stopped next to her as he had seen Kerli from security camera video. Kerli made full approach and the dad blocked the traffic, 2 cars were waiting after them.

Nocking on a glass door and noticing that there is a huge mess on the other side of the door on the floor. Getting no answer. Nocking the door the second time and hearing “Hello” from inside but not seeing anyone. Being confused looking upwards and understanding that I just approached a huge parrot.

Pie in the eye competition😍

During the week 4 we had a competition of pie in the eye going on between HQs. In order not to get pied in the face, you had to do more sit-downs than the HQ you were competing with. In our org, only decimal points separated the winners from the ones who got to feel those super sweet and delicious berry pies with great layer of whipping cream on their faces…

Sweetest loss
Sunday, fun day @ Riverside City Pool

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