WEEK 3 BABY! Wow, that really was something…and we’re here to share everything about it🔥

It might already be the third week, but a lot of us we’re still getting used to the ”storming phase” and working super-super hard every single day no matter what!

This week’s competition was Dedication award, which means that each one of us chose one person to dedicate the week to and do our best in customers or strong units and if we do, later on that special person gets a prize during banquet in November🥇

What everyone can agree on is that the weather during the week was P-E-R-F-E-C-T! ☀️
It was sunny, we got our farmer’s tan, drank a lot of water and enjoyed every moment spent outside! I’m sure those porch sit-downs were awesome😍

Memorable moments from week 3:

  • Jagoda and Christina met a Southwestern alumni Calvin, who sold books his freshman year of college!
  • Mercedes sold her first American cooking book🧑‍🍳 (this has to be celebrated), Ilja has some competition!
  • Vlad was very close to having the most interesting sit-down of his life (you can ask him about it🙈)
  • Ilja met a nice grandma, whose husband is a serious gamerboy! Does your grandpa also play Call Of Duty with his friends in his free time?

There’s much more to share, but telling these stories in real life is more fun, so you’ll hear about it from them!


Keeping it short and sweet, all of the kings and queens defended their thrones👑:

  • Artjom: King of hours and sit-downs
  • Ilja: King of calls
  • Christina: Queen of demos
  • Jagoda: Queen of online customers
  • Vlad is part of 200 Units Club and a proud owner of pony socks!
  • Artjom and Vlad won dedication award!
  • Mercedes and Artjom sold over 100 units this week (Mercedes got the T-shirt, because she did it twice 😉)
  • Christina has the strongest fighter spirit! She worked hard, pushed through and did not let her knee injury stop her💪🏻
  • Mark has the best ”I’m gonna win” attitude and is the most teachable in our group
  • The devil works hard, but Oleksiy works harder. Special thank you to him for keeping us all going and being the best organizational leader anyone could wish for 😎

We can all pat ourselves on the back, because we did this!🎉


This Sunday was well-deserved for everyone and we were all excited to see each other 🙂

After the meeting we went to a huge waterpark in Columbus Zoombezi and just had lots and lots of fun🤿

appreciate our beautiful tan 🙂

The 3rd week was like one of the slides at the water park – it had it’s ups and downs, but we all reached the end and did it successfully.

Has the storming phase really passed? And WHO IS GETTING A DELICIOUS PIE SMASHED IN THEIR EYE NEXT WEEK??

Stay tuned for week 4 to find out, see ya!🥧👁

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