REAL KASHTANY: day one, week one

Hello everyone!

We want to introduce the 8 most hardworking people you’ll meet a.k.a REAL KASHTANY!

Who are we?

Oleksiy, Mark, Jagoda, Artjom, Mercedes, Christina, Vlad and Ilja were ready to take over Ohio and this is their week one.

Day one, week one - just getting started!

Nothing could stop us! The first-years found bikes and managers had their cars and we were ready to rock’n roll!

Mercedes and Christina are taking over Newark, Jagoda was soon-to-be famous in Coshocton, Ilja and Mark were groovin’ in Grove City, Vlad took the hearts of people of Washington and Oleksiy landed in Clinton county.

During our first week we were getting used to the schedule, building habits and slowly becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. One of our org standards is for everyone to win the Success coin, for which we do 30 demos and work 12.5 hours every day🥇

And with no doubt, we finished our first week with flying colors🎉

All of us went to the city hall, got our permits, met a bunch of awesome families, first-years learned from their managers and some of us even got the Blue Light award🚨yep, Mercedes and Mark were the lucky ones. Make sure to remind them to take a selfie with a police officer next time 🙂

Some pictures from week one:


On Sunday we had a meeting at boy’s HQ in Grove City. Vlad, Mark and Ilja 

live in a beautiful house of a Ukrainian pastor and 9 kids, that’s pretty interesting, right?

On our first meeting we shared our experiences, reflected on the first week, took some notes and did recognition.

After the meeting we went axe throwing in Columbus🪓

Choose your character:

This fun day ended with grocery shopping for the week and preparing for the upcoming week.

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