Happy bookgirls and bookmen are happy under the incredible sun here in Iowa and another week is done and done! It is only two weeks left in the bookfield! Still can’t believe that! Everyday we are getting stronger and faster. Some saw overly energetic puppies or moms, who would offer food and ice cream to make book people even more joyful! Next week full on power – we will start working half an hour even earlier to have the possibility to see as many families as possible! SO EXCITED! 

For our Sunday meetings our org has been divided into two – so this Sunday instead of having one we had two meetings in Iowa. Early in the morning Elizabeth, Eedu, Kaspar and Hanna met in Fort Dodge to put an end to one of the coolest weeks. Olev had some business to do and was having fun later by himself, when he was climbing on the walls in one of the climbing centres. The next meeting took place in Iowa County Fair, where Kerttu-Liis, Laura, Sandro, Henri and Anete got together – to have a bit of fun and draw the final line for the week, too. 

For the first meeting in Fort Dodge as usual it started with a meeting, but unfortunately they didn’t find the right place to go canooing, but at least they enjoyed the company with one another. 

The fair had a lot to offer not to mention that it felt like we were back in Linnanmäki (probably most of the Estonians have at least once visited the amusement park located in Helsinki). It was a great feeling to relax a bit, have fun and free the inner kid inside us! 

We also decided to try the corn dogs – have you heard of it before? I guess not?! It is basically sausage, which is on a stick and it has a coated cornmeal batter. Sort of similar to hot dog, but only without the bread and it is deep fried, too! It seems that it is one of the most popular dishes around the area in these sort of fairs – basically there was one stall on every corner! 

We also saw many cute farm animal babies! SO ADORABLE! 

Also the fair’s must is to see a butter cow and there was an extremely long queue to see it! Have you ever seen one?! IT’s SUPER AWESOME and carved out of real butter! 

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