Week 8 – done mate!

Another week is done! The days and weeks are passing by so fast that it is even hard to notice! This Sunday we decided to take more time to ourselves. So instead of catching up with one another in person in a certain city or area in Iowa we had a super-duper awesome morning call, so everybody had more time to do either a workout in the gym, go to a zumba class, movies or some who just enjoyed Netflix at the host family! Sounds exciting? Yes! And the day has sure been great! 

Today has definitely been a fun day for Laura, who ate Reese’s cups for the first time – but half way through eating found out that it has double papers around and forgot to take the candy out of one layer  Every day learning something new, right? 

Of course we never have a dull day at the bookfield, too – here are some of the pictures to prove, what is going on here in Iowa! 

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