SpicySlav in Texas

June is done  Hello, July, here we come!

June was period of making habits and getting used to summer life. It was great start!

Jaana did permit in Canyon and met awesome police officer Mr. Coggins.
Canyon is great territory to work in, because you never know who you can meet there 
Weather in Texas is unexpected. It is like roller coaster: from sun to snow!
McDonalds is place where you can feel piece of your home while eating breakfast. And it is so cool that everybody already knows you, so your breakfast is done before you you order that
One day Kate had focus for day “Bigger is better” – she had to collect small things and change them to bigger ones. So, she started with small candy and in the evening came home with pillow. But during the day she even had shovel!
But sometimes bookpeople are so tired and to not make moms shocked we have to use some masks to refresh our faces. 15 minutes and you are sweet college kid from Europe again.

On 4th week we had competition for pony socks. We had to do the best week in sales Our FY Richard and managers Jaana and Pavel won it. Congratulations!

Sometimes weather in bookfield can be unfriendly, but anyway we are always prepared 
Fjodor and dogs – the sweetest moment due the June
Fjodor had the best week so far and got T-shirt! 
P.s. the tip from Fjodor: “Wear sandals with pink socks and just sit down with moms”
To be protected from the sun is priority for us! 
This picture is dedicated for our director Mark Metsla. You are always with us!
We are happy, healthy and terrific together!

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