Week 5 is done

Almost half of the summer is over and I think we are finally getting used to it and the hardest part is over. 

This week Americans celebrated their independence day 4th if July. Everybody was visiting family or had family over for barbeque. In the evening you could see a lot of fireworks.

We wore festive clothes and it was a whole cultural experience. Estonians definitely don’t celebrate February 24th so big haha. After we get back we will change that.

This week everybody has a change to win the Southwestern Advantage insulated water bottle. For that you had to have the best week in sit downs (sit down with as many families as you can).

Iowa landscape reminds us of Estonia. It has a lot of farmland and fields. No mountains, flat.  

This Sunday is very exciting because our group-member Kaspar arrives from Estonia, he took part in the national dance and song festival in Estonia so he joins us now. So lovely to see him. Now we are complete.

We went swimming today and played volleyball on the beach. Perfect weather.

Let’s keep swimming!

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