Phoenix organisatsioon Iowas

Third week is done

We had a very special guest today. Chris and Christy from Urbandale. Chris sold books over 20 years ago for 3 summers. He came to our Sunday meeting to talk about his experience when he was selling. He gave some good tips and told us how Southwestern Advantage has influenced and guided him in his later life. In bookfield he learned how to stay positive, how to talk to himself and how to communicate with people. Till this day he is working in sales and the experience has been invaluable. He learned that selling is not about him, it’s about the families you meet, you have to be service-minded and help as many families as you can. Chris’ wife Christy is a teacher and she talked about the Southwestern products from a teachers point of view. They are very educational and very good quality. They make learning fun.

This week we had a chance to win Southwestern sunglasses if you did 10+ sit-downs in a day. Because we hit our goals we got to do a fun activity. We went to the Swan Lake, it was a nice day. Took the boats on the lake. Weather was nice – not too hot not too cold. Weather has been a bit funny last two weeks. Unseasonably cold, it has been raining for a couple of days and yesterday we had a thunderstorm. Some roads were flooded. We are tough and work with every weather. 

Sandro had a birthday this week, we had some cake and sang. During the week we eat healthy but on Sundays we try different restaurants and allow ourselves to eat what we want. Some of us are experiencing some leg cramps during the night because we are on our feet all day. 

Time flies by so fast, it’s already the last week of June next week and then the first month is done. 

Let’s have fun and keep on swimming!

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