Elizabeth Truve organisatsioon Iowas

Second week is over!

We keep growing. This week a lot of us had some kind of problems (we call them monkeys).

Kerttu-Liis locked her car keys in the car trunk and couldn’t get them out for like an hour. She called the police and the mechanic. Then she found that there is a button to open the trunk inside the drivers door.

Hanna had a lot of bike monkeys, her bike broke, she got it fixed, it broke again, she had it fixed and finally it got stolen (it was locked).

Sandro had some health monkeys, eating is very important. Eating a cheap meal for 10 days 4 times a week does not do good for the stomach. Also he had some heavy rain so he was soaking wet from head to toes.

Elizabeth had a funny situations. She got compliments from a 5-year-old that she has a nice bum.

Olev was talking to an asian guy for 5 minutes without realising he does not speak a word of English. 

Merlin met the local police officer because someone called the police. She has a permit for the city of Urbandale but was a bit out of the borders. One street was one city and the next one already another city (Clive). The police officer was friendly and asked her to leave.

Karl-Eduard was riding his bike between the houses and hit the sidewalk. He fell, he is okay.

Everybody has problems but how we deal with them makes all the difference in the world. Every problem has a solution.

Everybody has been doing really well. Most of us won the success coin for doing 30+ demos every day. Next week we will work even harder! Our goal is to be in the top 5 groups in Europe.

We are grateful for having the opportunity to help so many American families with education. People are really nice and friendly and they value education here a lot.

Because we hit our goals we got to do a fun activity on this Sunday. We went to a pool for it was a very hot day. Some of us went for a swim.

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