Royals org in Kansas

Sales school and first week

Well well well look what has happened between last post and now. WE’RE IN UNITED STATES AND ALREADY WORKED HARD TO ACCOMPLISH OUR GOALS!! It has been already cool journey and we can’t wait for next things.

But let’s start from the beginning: sales school. Four days full of amazing speakers, full of running, full of working hard and full of working by ourselves and with the group. It was amazing. We got closer with our group and made even friendship-commitment-bracelets. We learned so much that it actually was mind-blowing and we got all pumped up for the summer, with all of the exexes and hard work that we accomplished.

Journey to Kansas was very intresting. We had lots of people and suitcases but too little room in cars so we were all tight together but it was fine because this is actually how you get to know the people and this is the way to learn people know, and it was cool and funny. Even though that our ride was so long that we lost two rental cars, we still figured out a way, how to be happy and grateful and that is the most important part.

First day: well we started to make permits and meet the police and all kinds of that fun stuff. Many of us got the permits and some of us didn’t but that’s okey, because there will be always some kinds of “problems” but you have to have good attitude about it and go on. But in this day we all made our first knocks and started to get ready for the next full day.

But lets talk about some cool stuff that happened to our group people. Anu was glad that she found host family for her and Kristin. Danil and Edgar saw next to one door a snake and screamed. Sendija got her eye back and a car. Denis found out that everything wasn’t covered in sales school.

Weekly recognition:

Most calls: EDGAR

Most demos: DENIS

Most sitdowns: NIKITA

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